Book Safes provide a secure and reliable method of hiding your valuables and other personal items.


With hundreds of books on the shelves, it would be hard to guess which one is hiding the valuables.

Police Approved

Recognised by Police Forces, Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Insurance Companies worldwide as an excellent deterrent to theft.

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Hide Your Valuables With A Book Safe

Hide Your Valuables With A Book Safe

Cleverly camouflaged as a standard hardcover book, a book safe provides a hidden compartment for secure interior storage space.

The hidden compartment holds jewellery, spare keys, credit cards, passports and other items you want to keep protected.

Now you can "hide" your valuables in a place that is least suspected.

Book Safe

Our Book Safes come in assorted titles, styles, colours and sizes so you can choose the safe which is right for you.

All Book Safes are personally hand made and you can request a specific type, style, author or size of book to be made into a safe.



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